Most piercings on the face

The world record for most piercings on the face goes to Axel Rosales of Argentina. As of Feb. 17, 2012, Rosales had 280 facial piercings.

Oldest gymnast

The oldest gymnast in the world is Johanna Quaas of Germany. Born on Nov. 20, 1925, the 86-year-old is a regular competitor in an amateur gymnastics competition in Saxony, Germany. Quaas performed a floor-and-beam routine on the set of “Lo Show dei Record” on April 12, 2012 in Rome, Italy, where her record was certified.

Largest commercially available hot dog

Ummm … pass the mustard? Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats CEO Dan Abbate poses with the largest commercially available hot dog, which weighs 7 pounds. Chicago-based Gorilla Tango sells the whopping wieners for $40.

Largest collection of shoe-related items

Largest collection of shoe-related items

Move over, Imelda Marcos: As of March 20, 2012, Darlene Flynn of the United States owned 15,665 different shoe-related items. She began building her collection in 2000.

Largest bicep

Largest bicep

Whoa! The largest male bicep in the world belongs to Moustafa Adel Ismail of Egypt. His left arm measures 25.5 inches, or 64.77 centimeters, when flexed and 24.5 inches, 62.23 centimeters, when non-flexed. The measurements were taken on Nov. 24, 2011 in Franklin, Mass.

Tallest Cat

Tallest cat

The world’s tallest domestic cat was Savannah Islands Trouble, known as “Trouble” for short. He stood 19 inches, or 48.3 centimeters, tall. Owned by Debby Maraspini of the United States, the towering feline was measured at the Silver Cats cat show in Reno, Nev., on Oct. 30, 2011. He died on Aug. 15, 2012.

Tallest Dog

Tallest living dog

In the name of Zeus! Zeus the Great Dane stands 44 inches, or 1.118 meters, high. The world’s tallest dog is owned by Denise Doorlag of Otsego, Mich.

Largest collection of Barbie dolls

Largest collection of Barbie dolls

A little girl’s dream: As of October 2011, Bettina Dorfmann of Germany had 15,000 different Barbie dolls in her possession. Dorfmann began building her collection in 1993.