A MAN who was told to wait 10 hours for a doctor to fix his sliced lip decided to use dental floss and a sewing needle to do it himself.

Allan Dell, 26, from Stuart Park, in Darwin, said he had no medical background but had pierced meat in the kitchen.

“I grew up in the bush in country NSW and I’m also a chef so I’m not too strange with threading meat … I used dental floss and a sewing needle – but I sterilised it all first,” he said.

Mr Dell had his lip sliced from the base of his nose down to his teeth in a “pure accident” that saw him hit in the face with a guitar.

He also cracked one of his teeth in the same accident. He said he went to the emergency department at Royal Darwin Hospital about 2.15am Saturday but was told he should “try Palmerston” or wait until the doctor arrived for the day shift.

“I walked in with my face half split – and (they said) come back tomorrow,” Mr Dell said.

He said he thought about his options on the 20-minute taxi ride home.

After pondering on it, he decided dental floss was the best way to go. “I think Crocodile Dundee did it once,” Mr Dell said.

“It worked.”…

This story appeared in full in the Sunday Territorian