It is very rare for one to risk his own life to save strangers who need help. When one does, however, he or she is called a hero, and is given such praise publicly, even mentioned in the news headlines the next day.

Unfortunately for JinJie Deng, he did not get the treatment he deserved.

After saving a family of three from drowning in Loudi City Sunshuihe Park, China, Deng was left behind to drown.

The 27-year-old hero ran out of energy after rescuing the family. Succumbing to exhaustion from his rescue efforts, Deng was unable to handle the river’s strong current. He then drowned while the family he just rescued left the scene.

According to one witness at the scene, when a person from the crowd tried to stop the family of three from leaving, the woman said, “None of my damn business,” and drove away.

“What makes people bitterly disappointed is that, just as Deng Jinjie was in danger, and whether he was alive or dead was unknown, not only did the family of three that he rescued not actively try to help, they also didn’t stick around to see what would happen, instead indifferently choosing to leave,” the witness added.