Revenge: Neighbour Lee Moore posted an audio recording of the couple’s romp online

Shaming: The note that Mr Moore left in the lobby of his apartment block, and later posted on Twitter

An amorous pair have become an internet sensation after their sleepless neighbour recorded the sound of them having sex – and posted it online.

But fed-up neighbour Lee Moore is now scared that the couple may seek revenge over their sudden infamy.

The 26-second clip of the woman screaming in apparent ecstasy has had a million hits online.

Mr Moore said: ‘He sounds like a pretty big guy from the noise she was making. He probably wouldn’t be very happy with me.’

Lee used his mobile phone to record the sex noises from a flat two floors below his in Salford, Greater Manchester, after trying – and failing – to fall asleep.

The racket went on for an hour, he said.

The woman in the apartment below was shouting at them to either shut their windows or shut up.’

‘My windows were shut but I could still hear them clear as a bell. I just had to put this up to shame them.’

Lee wrote a note to the couple spelling out his frustration, and left it in the lobby of the apartment block.

‘To the people that kept me up all night, having sex,’ he wrote.

‘Shut your windows next time! You are now on the internet for all to hear!’

The note, which was torn down, also included a link to the recording.

Lee added a picture of the note to his Twitter page, and it went viral after a friend posted in onto web forums.