A Saudi man who returned home from work was surprised to find that his wife is out and would not answer his repeated phone calls.

When she finally picked the call, she angrily told him to look for another wife after she found a woman’s dress in his clean clothes she received from the laundry.

Abu Bandar started to swear to his wife that the dress was not his and could be sent to him my mistake but she would not believe him.

After mediation from relatives, she agreed to go with him to the laundry and enquire about that dress.

“At the laundry, she asked the worker about the dress and he said it was put by mistake in Abu Bandar’s clothes,” Kabar daily said in a report from Riyadh.

“The problem was nearly over and could have ended in divorce hadn’t relatives intervened….on their way back home, the wife looked suspiciously at her husband and said ‘are you sure you have not bribed the laundry worker.”

source: emirates247.com