An 11-year-old Pittsburgh boy suffered nine hours of abuse from his mother’s boyfriend before dying of his injuries.

He was beaten up because he failed to vacuum the apartment.

The 29-year-old, Anthony Bush, savagely beat the boy for failing to clean up and then watched him die.

Boy’s mother, Donovan McKee was at work on Saturday when the incident took place.

Bush used several wooden sticks on McKee, snapping the wood in the process. He then made the young boy pick up the pieces.

At one point, Bush used a needle and thread to close a gash he made in McKee’s knee, according to WTAE 4 News.

When the mother returned, she called authorities to report that her boyfriend had beaten her son and that the child was unresponsive, police said.

Authorities arrived and found the child had suffered a head wound and had no pulse. The boy showed some signs of life and was rushed to the hospital, but later died.