Days after The Sun tabloid in the UK reported a case of white child being born to black parents, the newspaper have now discovered a second case.

Fair-haired, green-eyed toddler Emmanuel Ofor is born to black parents.

His baffled mum and dad have still not managed to find an explanation for the genetic mix-up three years after the youngster was born, The Sun reported.

This comes after The Sun revealed on Tuesday how blonde, blue-eyed newborn Nmachi Ihegboro’s arrival had amazed black parents Ben and Angela who believe they have now Emmanuel – whose two sisters, Afoma, six, and six-month-old Whitney are both black – is also beginning to wonder why he looks different.

Dad Ethelbert, 43, said yesterday: “It is something genetic but we don’t know what.

“Emmanuel has got to the age where he is questioning why he is white and his sisters are black.

“We have to tell him that we just don’t know the answer.”

Mum Nkemakonam, 34, said nurses gathered round in amazement when she gave birth to Emmanuel in February 2007.

She revealed: “I was shocked as well – but not as much as everyone else.

“I have a distant cousin back home in Africa who had been born white to black parents as well, so I knew it could happen.”