AFGHANISTAN: A woman in Afghanistan, jailed for adultery after being raped and then pardoned and set free, sees herself forced to marry her attacker after her brothers are threatening to kill her and she has nowhere else to go.

Gulnaz, who does not know her exact age but is 20 or 21, has told her story in a quiet voice with her blue burqa pushed up over her face, as her baby daughter, the child of her rapist, played on the floor at her feet.

She has told the French newsagency AFP she will have to marry the man as she needs a father for her child and to give both of them a home.

The woman says she no other place to live as her brothers have vowed to kill her, her attacker and her daughter.

Gulnaz was freed from prison on Tuesday, two years after she was jailed for a so-called moral crime, being raped by her cousin’s husband.