A BRISBANE mother proceeded to marry her long-time fiance in spite of her daughter’s revelations the man had subjected her to two years of rape and molestation from the age of 12, a court has been told

The Brisbane District Court was told the truck driver, then aged between 41 and 43, repeatedly raped and molested the girl, aged between 12 and 14, as she slept in her bed at the family home between July 31, 2007, and October 29, 2009.

The court was told the child victim penned her mother a letter warning of the years of sexual abuse shortly before the mum was set to marry the alleged pedophile.

Prosecutor Sarah Klemm said the girl’s mother confronted the fiance about the claims, but proceeded to marry him in November 2009 after he apologised to the girl.

The man, now aged 45, was today jailed for five years after pleading guilty to three counts of rape and one each of maintaining a sexual relationship with a child, indecent treatment of a child and a breach of bail.

However, the man, who cannot be named under Queensland law to protect his victim’s identity, is likely to be freed in early 2013 after Judge Michael Noud ordered the term be suspended after the stepfather serves 18-months in custody.

Ms Klemm said the stepdad would sneak into the girl’s room – sometimes every week or month over two years – as she slept and either digitally raped or perform oral sex on the child.

She said the girl would pretend to be asleep during the repeated abuse and even moved into her sister’s room months later in a failed bid to avoid further attacks.

The court was told police were notified when the girl told her natural father of the abuse.

Ms Klemm said the child tried to warn her mother about the abuse in a bid to stop the couple’s impending marriage.

She said the girl’s mother not only married her daughter’s attacker, but continues to support him – including sitting near him in the back of the court during today’s hearing.

The court was told the stepdad made partial admissions about the abuse during a pre-text telephone conversation, which was monitored by police, in December 2010.

Ms Klemm said the man told the girl it was not a good idea to tell others about what happened and “to keep it to herself.”

She said the man, during an interview with police, claimed the abuse was part of a so-called nightly “game” designed to teach the child how to masturbate.

The court was told the man also conceded to police that “90 percent of the time” the abuse was committed while the girl slept.

Barrister Colin Reid, for the stepdad, said his client “still has strong family support.”

“(My client’s) family are well aware of the allegations against him … and continue to support him,” Mr Reid said.

Judge Noud, in sentencing the man, said: “You did interfere with the complainant (child) on many occasions … (while) you were in the role of stepfather.”

“Of course the offending is serious … and involves a number of rape counts.”

Judge Noud, in referring to a victim impact statement from the girl, also commented: “It would distress anyone to read the contents of that (statement).”