She takes the urn wherever she goes and cooks dinner for him

People often find it difficult to let go off memories of their deceased loved ones. But 26-year-old Casie is strange as she eats her husband’s ashes regularly and carries the urn with her wherever she goes.
‘Daily Mail’ and ‘Yahoo!’ reported that she regularly dips her finger into the urn and licks his ashes.

Her addiction was revealed by reality TV show ‘My Strange Addiction’.

The first time Casie had a taste of the ashes was when she was transferring them from a cardboard box to her husband’s memorial urn.

When some of it spilled out on her hands she didn’t want to just wipe him away, “so I just licked it off my fingers”, she said. And thus started the addiction.

“I take my husband everywhere…I buy the things that he likes.”

She still cooks dinner for him, and does her domestic chores the way he liked them.

Casie had married her husband in 2009