A COUPLE refused IVF treatment on the NHS raised cash to get it on Facebook – and now have a little girl.

Matt and Alison Gilbert failed to conceive naturally and began saving to go private but couldn’t raise the £4,000 needed.

At the same time, Alison started writing an IVF diary on the site about her emotional battle to become a mum. And the pair were delighted when friends and strangers reading it began to donate money to help make their dream a reality.

The treatment worked first time and Alison, 26, gave birth to Katie.

She said: “We put everything we had towards it but were short until friends, family and strangers donated between £10 and £100 each.

“We were going to cancel the IVF until we got this help. You could say Katie would not exist if it wasn’t for Facebook.”

Matt, 31, and Alison, who both live and work at Flamingo Land theme park near Pickering, North Yorks, had been trying for a baby for seven years. She said: “They did tests but could not find what was wrong. We were told IVF was unlikely to succeed because it was unexplained. I began preparing for the treatment but in February last year the funding was refused.

“Up to 30 people made donations which, along with help from relatives, meant we raised enough.”

The couple will celebrate Katie’s first birthday later this month.

One donor, Ellie Martin, of Worksop, Notts, said: “It took my husband and I 12 years and £20,000 to get our daughter so when I saw Alison’s page I joined to follow her story. I was over the moon when their treatment worked.”

(news source http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3749851/IVF-baby-thanks-to-Facebook.html)