Bees cover beekeeper Wang Dalin during a 'bee bearding' contest in Shaoyang, Hunan Province of China. Wang Dalin won the contest against fellow beekeeper Lu Kongjiang after attracting 26.86kg of bees onto his body, covered only by a pair of shorts and swimming goggles. (GETTY/GALLO

Two fearless bee keepers – Lu Kongjiang and Wang Dalin – went head-to-head in China’s Hunan province to find out who can attract the most bees.

According to, wearing just a pair of shorts and with the help of a queen bee, Mr Wang tipped the scales with 26kg worth of bees in an hour.

And the sting in the tail for Lu Kongjiang was that he managed to attract a swarm of just under 23kg.

   But both Wang Dalin and Lu Kongjiang have a way to go before they match Guinness Book of Records holder Mark Biancaniello for the “most bees worn on the body,” title.

He attracted 39.5kg of bees onto his body in 1998.