In the shadow of the great escape artist, Harry Houdini, a young man known as Igo was buried alive in a phone booth for 100 hours under 3.6  tons of dirt! 

Only his hand was left free and stuck out from the tank to monitor his body responses. Igo could write on a drawing pad to communicate with those above ground and shake hands with supporters, which numbered more than 10,000. Many took photographs standing beside the extended arm.

Despite a panic attack some three hours into the stunt, Igo successfully reached his goal.

A breathing tube aided respiration and Igo had help in the form of members of his troupe who gave him water every two hours. Sensors attached to his body tracked both his body temperature and heart rate, and they were triggered to set off an alarm if either reached dangerous levels.

The exposed hand served as the magician‘s lifeline, as gestures told those above the ground what they needed to do. For example, a pinky gesture indicated immediate removal from the booth.

Just to be on the safe side, rescuers kept a hammer nearby, which could break the acrylic walls of the booth if such action were called for.

Some onlookers were unhappy with Igo’s stunt.

“I don’t think this is a good presentation, and I don’t even think this is magic. It is just a human body challenge,” said Erica Chen, a 30-year-old designer.

The sensors were detached some five hours before the stunt ended due to heavy rain, forcing his caretakers to rely on his exposed hand for their cues.

When a muddy Igo staggered from the booth, he managed to thank his audience before being carted away to the hospital in an ambulance that was already waiting for him.

Igo told the press that his stunt was not just a physical challenge but also a reminder to love the earth.

The great Houdini might have been impressed by Igo’s performance had he seen it, but one thing is certain:

You can’t keep a good man down!