She apparently likes to swim, has perfected the kick and her favourite movie is Look Who’s Talking.

Well, so says the Facebook profile of fetus Marriah Greene  who hasn’t even exited her mother’s womb and already has nearly 300 friends.

Her parents, Matthew and Ellie Greene, of Whitehouse, Texas, said they created the social-networking account to keep friends and family informed of their yet-to-be born bundle of joy.

“We weren’t really sure how people would respond to it, but it’s been interesting watching people actually directly talking to her,” Ellie told local news station KLTV.

The account features sonograms of little Marriah and her many interests.

“You are beautiful Marriah,” one poster writes.

Other hobbies include gymnastics with mom.

“I have perfected the triple summer salt (sic),” it reads. “The word in the belly is there’s a lot more to see.”

The Greenes say they will share the Facebook profile with Marriah when she’s older.