Now 3 months old, Joseph just keeps smiling

Remember the foetus in the womb that appeared to be smiling? Well it is three month’s old now, called Joseph Henry and no surprise, is still smiling. A lot. 

According to the Daily Mail Joseph wore an unmistakable grin in a scan taken when his mother was only 17 weeks pregnant.

The UK tabloid has now run pictures of him at three months and it shows, practice makes perfect.

His parents Sam and Louise say he is very content and frequently smiles without any apparent reason.

Mrs Henry, from Swallowfield, Berkshire, was 40 when she became pregnant and when she and her husband saw the image taken at a private clinic in London.

It was only when their gynaecologist said he had not seen such a young foetus smile in his entire 40-year career that they realised how remarkable the scan was.

Henry, 41, who runs a financial advice business, said: ‘It was The latest an abortion can legally be carried out in Britain is 24 weeks. Doctors have believed until now that foetuses do not begin experiencing emotion until between 28 and 32 weeks.

So any evidence to suggest that unborn babies can feel pain or happiness much earlier will prompt further calls from doctors and campaigners to lower this limit.

Professor Stuart Campbell, who took the scan of Joseph, said it was the earliest smile ever recorded on an unborn.