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In one of the most wierdest of cases, a woman from China first married a Taiwanese businessman, then married to her deceased husband’s brother, but ended up giving birth to a baby from the two men’s father.

The incident came to light when 70-year-old Chen from New Taipei City filed a marriage application with a Chinese woman in her 30s, reported ‘Asiaone’.

Suspecting illegal action, authorities questioed Chen, when he revealed the details. apparently, his eldest son met the woman when doing business in Sichuan.

But she became a widow after his son was killed in a traffic accident.

After her return to home in Sichuan, the husband’s unwedded younger brother showed interest in her and married her.

However, the brother became suspicious that a baby boy was born by his wife only eight months after they tied the knot.

The woman refused to admit to anything even the DNA test demanded by her new husband showed that the boy was not from the second husband.

When he continued badgering her about the baby, his father stepped out to formally inform his son that the baby boy is his “baby brother” simply because it is his own son.

The angry son immediately filed divorce and drove away the Chinese woman and the baby.

But his father decided to continue providing shelter for the woman and his new son, despite strong opposition from his own wife.

The man eventually divorced his wife of more than 30 years to take his daughter-in-law as new wife.

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