Philippines: Meet Junrey Balawing, the Filipino who is about to become the world’s smallest man – and a huge star.

At just 22 inches high, the 17-year-old is tinier than a one-year-old.

When he turns 18 on June 12, he will take the title – smashing five inches off the current record.

The titchy teen has not grown since his first birthday, struggles to walk and cannot stand up for long.

But he beams with pride when talking about his likely world record.

He said: “If I were the smallest man in the world, it would be very cool.”

Junrey lives with his parents and three younger – but taller – siblings in a village in a remote region of the Phillipines’ Zamboanga del Norte province.

He has to stay at home with his mum, Concepcion, while his sisters Jaycel, 13, and Jeanritch, six, and 11-year-old brother Jay-art go to school.

His parents carry him around much of the time. Blacksmith dad Reynaldo, 37, works away for most of the week but when he is home Junrey enjoys sitting on his shoulders and going for a wander in the village.

Concepcion noticed her son’s growth was stunted as he neared his second birthday.

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