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BRITAIN: Surgeons broke this teenager’s foot in four places, cut her tendons and ligaments and stapled two-inch screws to her bones – all so she could be comfortable in designer heels

Hannah Bailey lied to  doctors to qualify for a £5,000 operation on the NHS so she could squeeze her feet into designer shoes, she admitted.

She was referred for foot re-shaping surgery at 19 after telling her GP she was in excruciating pain, reports Daily Mail.

In reality, she was simply  frustrated that her ‘wide and ugly’ feet prevented her from wearing the latest fashions.

Bailey was wuoted by the paper as saying: ‘I knew the only way to get something done was to say my feet were really bad. I had to exaggerate the pain I was in.’

Since the taxpayer-funded surgery, she has spent around £9,000 on designer shoes, including her favourite Jimmy Choo heels.

Bailey said she had been unhappy with the ‘disgusting’ shape of her feet since she was 13, and had been to see her doctor about it more than 20 times.

She also said: ‘Because my feet were so wide, wearing heels gave me excruciating pain.

When I wore trainers it was fine, but as soon as I put any pressure on the balls of my feet, the pain was too much.’

She discovered foot re-shaping surgery was available on the NHS for patients in serious pain.

(news source: emirates247.com)