Jason Allen Tattersall, who attacked a teenager with a baseball bat and tattooed ‘DOG’ on his forehead, has been jailed for a minimum of 11 years.

At the time of the attack, Tattersall wasn’t long out of prison, where he found out that 18-year-old Steven Jiminez had slept with his ex-girlfriend.

The 35-year-old father of two rang the teenager and threatened him before setting upon him at a house in New South Wales, Australia.

During the seven-hour attack, he kicked and punched Jiminez on the kitchen floor, hit him with the baseball bat and used a tattoo gun to ink ‘DOG’ on his forehead in green ink, telling him: ‘Have you learnt your lesson, c***? I’m gonna overdose you on heroin and leave you to die. That’s what a dirty c*** gets.’

In a victim impact statement, Jiminez said he couldn’t afford to have the tattoo removed and that he and his mother have been constantly ‘on edge’ since the incident.

‘The tattoo has left me unemployable… I cannot get a job… the shock on people’s faces just doesn’t describe it,’ he continued.

Tattersall, who also forced his victim to sign over ownership of his car, pleaded guilty to aggravated kidnap before receiving his jail sentence.

‘His conduct in committing this offence displayed a viciousness and callousness not often seen,’ remarked the judge during the hearing in Wollongong District Court.

‘When giving evidence, I did not detect any feeling of sympathy for the victim’s suffering during the offence or indeed empathy for the continuing psychological damage the victim will experience in the future.’

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