Stressing about finding a job after graduating from college is common all around the world. Resumes are prepped, interview clothes are purchased, and, if you’re young women in the Chinese city of Xiamen, the regular consumption of roundworm eggs is considered.

While a good education is important, so too is appearance. College girls in Xiamen have taken to drastic measures to ensure they stand out from the pack in their job hunt, employing rather odd, and at times rather dangerous, methods of losing weight. One such way is the consumption of roundworm eggs.According to Xiaomei, a student set to graduate soon, many students will eat the eggs, which are said to hatch in the stomach and allow the consumer to lose weight without the aid of diet and exercise. While this might be considered possible, it certainly isn’t healthy.

While consuming roundworm eggs isn’t ideal, there are other ways these clearly deluded young women will attempt to lose weight, including staring at a picture to suppress one’s appetite. Xiaomei, who does this on a daily basis, also washes herself with a soap that is said to help its user lose weight. As a result, some women are taking upwards of ten showers a day.

I suppose cutting back on what you eat and taking a walk daily isn’t good enough for some people. Lord help them if they discover Atkins.

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