That old axiom about striking while the iron is hot has taken on a new and painful meaning in East China where a teacher at a private kindergarten is suspected of using a mini iron to punish children she believed to be unruly.

Several children returned home from school with burn marks on their faces such as the by depicted above.

The teacher, who is known as Yi, was actually caught in the act by another colleague who happened to be passing by her room and was drawn by the cries of the children. He grabbed the hot iron away from her.

Seven 6-year-olds were injured.

A spokesperson for the teacher in a very weak defense claimed that Yi had believed the iron had cooled down.

Her guilt however is both obvious and inexcusable. In addition to being caught in the act, Yi also threatened the children to be quiet about the attack.

The police removed her from the school and took her in for questioning

Although the kindergarten has promised to absorb all medical costs and this type of barbaric corporal punishment is both forbidden by Chinese law and condemned by the public, it does go in some primary schools

“The education authority will issue an alert to all kindergarten teachers in the city to prevent the recurrence of this kind of incident… And to curb cruelty at schools, parents and communities should be allowed to participate in and supervise the management of education institutes,” said Zou Xianglong, director of the city’s Education Bureau.

What about the emotional costs to these children?

Who will pay for that?

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