A hotel wedding photo captured an intriguing shape that some say is a ghost.

The image was taken at North Carolina’s Lake Lure Inn and Spa by one of the hotel’s managers.

Patrick Bryant said he snapped the pic in the dining room of what he thought was just an ice sculpture.

“I turned off the flash so I could see the light shining through the ice sculpture,” Bryant said.

However, after he posted the photo online many people inquired about a boyish apparition is in the background.

“Sure enough, there’s a transparent picture of what appears to be a ghost,” Bryant said.

According to Bryant, the unusual image is not the first ghost story associated with the hotel.

“We’ve also heard laughter at nighttime, as well as footsteps,” he said.

Most visitors are intrigued by the venue’s history of ghost sightings, he said.

(news source http://www.emirates247.com/offbeat/crazy-world/ghost-in-wedding-photo-2010-12-25-1.333735)