Getting a grilling: Mr Lamb is eaten by a mutant man-munching off-road vehicle outside his home (Picture: Caters)

Meet Chuck Lamb – who was so desperate to appear in movies, he bombarded producers with audition tapes… of him as a corpse.

‘I’m not much of an actor and I’m definitely not a looker, so I had to think of another way to realise my dream,’ said the 52-year-old computer programmer from Columbus, Ohio.

Millions of people have visited his website and the four years of playing dead has paid off: he now has a movie career, playing a sheriff in horror spoof ThanksKilling (about a homicidal turkey) and featuring in funeral home comedy Stiffs, credited simply as ‘Dead Body Guy’.

‘It was a dream come true,’ he said.

‘I want to be the most famous dead body alive.

‘Some people think it’s a bit strange that my wife comes up with a new way to kill me every weekend – but I think it’s hilarious.

‘I have six grown-up kids though, who don’t all think it’s as funny as we do.’

But what about his own demise? ‘When I finally croak, I’d love to do it on screen. It’d be brilliant to be playing a corpse and actually die on screen.

‘I want my epitaph to read: “I’m not kidding this time”.’

To see more of Chuck’s corpsing, why not visit his site at

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