Sheldon Gonzales was subjected to a trouser fire inferno that was, perhaps, not so flamin' flammable as this (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

A man who did not feel like talking to his girlfriend suffered the ultimate penalty when his crotch was set alight.

Irate Berlinda Dixon-Newbold, 38,  fancied a chat with boyfriend Sheldon Gonzales.

But Sheldon was not in the mood for a chinwag and instead decided that a nice kip was much more to his liking.

Dixon-Newbold took such exception to being ignored that she grabbed the nearest available lighter and set fire to his crotch.

A startled Sheldon managed to put the fire out with his hands before the couple engaged in a heated argument.

Sheldon told reporters in his home state of Florida: ‘You tend to get upset when somebody tries to harm the family jewels.’

The extent of his injuries are unclear.

Dixon-Newbold is being held for aggravated assault.

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