Anyone playing this carnival-style machine would have had a big surprise when they realised a two-year-old girl had got stuck inside it in a busy shopping centre.

The toddler had climbed up the chute into which the coin-operated crane drops prizes in the pay to play amusement positioned in a busy Pittsburgh mall.

Luckily when she stood up moving the toys around inside people quickly realised she wasnt one of the prizes.

She is thought to have spent 15 minutes stuck inside before firefighter came to the rescue.

Moon Run Fire Chief Paul Kashmer told WPXI-TV that the girl didn’t seem upset by the ordeal.

He said they arrived to find ‘the cutest little girl in a pink outfit sucking her binky [dummy] inside with the other toys.’

Rescuers used a tool to pry open a door on the machine to reach the girl.

The vending company hasn’t been identified.

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