A Craigslist couple finally got together after a 12-year internet courtship involving 45,000 emails.

Scott and Nicole McIntyre first made contact in 1998 while chatting on Yahoo Chat.

They were both living in the US at the time, relatively close to one another, but they never met or spoke on the phone.

The pair exchanged emails and online conversations on and off for years.

But they eventually lost contact until December last year when Nicole posted an ad in the “Lost Connections” section of Craigslist looking for Scott.

One of Scott’s friends saw the posting and alerted Scott. “I never looked at Craigslist, I had no reason to, and the person who saw it was just an acquaintance, he had to Google around to find my email address,” Scott said. “There was every chance that she might never have found me.”

Scott answered the posting and they began sending each other up to five hundred emails a day.

Since last December the pair exchanged more than 45,000 emails – and Scott has saved every one.

Nicole, who was engaged to someone else when they rekindled their friendship, called off her wedding and instead married Scott in Las Vegas in September.

The couple have now settled in Melbourne and plan to renew their vows next year.

(news source http://www.emirates247.com/offbeat/crazy-world/couple-finally-gets-together-after-45-000-emails-2010-12-11-1.327729)