Husband marries again after wife texts break-up message

A Saudi woman who wanted to joke with her husband got the shock of her life when she learned her joke has only made him marry again.

The unidentified wife wanted to wish her husband a happy new Muslim Hijri year but decided to mix the greeting with a heavy joke.

“She texted his mobile saying ‘I am leaving and you won’t see my face again…happy new year,” Aljazeera daily said on Tuesday.

“Her husband, who works far away, thought she was serious…he consulted with friends, who advised him to get married again….he listened to them and married…a few days later, his first wife phoned him to make sure he is ok only to find out what he has done…she was shocked and told him she was just joking.”

But the husband replied that he was not joking, the paper added, without identify the couple, who live in the central town of Onaiza.

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