Children below seven years were caught driving on the emirate’s roads, according to Dubai Traffic Police.

By the end of the first three quarters of this year, seven children were caught for driving in Dubai. These were all aged between 12-15 years.

Meanwhile, last year, eight children aged between 4to 15 years were caught driving on Dubai’s roads. Of these, two were aged between 4-7 years; one was aged between 8-11 years; and five were aged between 12-15 years.

Major General Mohammad Saif Al Zafeen, Director of Dubai Police Traffic Department told Emirates 24|7 that these children were mainly driving their parents cars, and parents are the main cause of such dangerous practices.

“Parents are to blame. They leave the car keys in places where these young kids can easily take them. Many fathers don’t keep their car keys away when they return from work. The child takes advantage of the parents taking a nap or being away and drive the car,” Al Zafeen said.

He pointed out that once they arrest a child or teenager driving, it turns to be a case of driving without licence.

“We make a report of driving without licence and then refer it to the Traffic Prosecution which then takes further steps and investigation.”
Maj Gen Al Zafeen urged parents to pay more attention to their children, and try to educate them and make them aware of the serious and dangerous consequences of such a step.

Jassim, a 10-year-old national boy who drives his father’s car, said: “My father was sleeping, and I took his car key from the bedroom along with my other two step brothers aged nine and eight years. We do this most of the time, and my father never knew about it until one day when we were involved in an accident.

“My eight-year-old brother was sitting in the back seat when he saw a police patrol far away. He screamed police, and I panicked and drove at high speed and bumped into the house of my neighbour. The car was damaged badly, but fortunately, we did not get injured.

“My neighbour is a good friend of my father, and he asked us to return home and send my elder brother who had a driving licences to sit in the driver’s seat when the police arrive. This was a frightening experience, but it did not stop us from stealing the key again and driving,” he added.

Rashid, another 13-year-old national boy said that he takes his father’s car key while he takes his afternoon nap.
“It is the best time as both my mother and father take afternoon nap after work. This makes it a perfect time to take the keys and drive my father’s car. I don’t go far way, just around the house. I don’t drive on high speed either. I don’t want to get hurt or hurt others. I take my friends with me.”

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