A pensioner who bought a “micro pig” after being assured it would grow to no more than 12 inches was forced to move it out of her home after it reached eight stone.

Margaret Smith was stunned when her beloved designer piglet, Pigwig, suddenly ballooned in size.

The 65-year-old was told by the breeder he could live in her house – but he has had to be moved outside after ripping a radiator off the wall.

At one point Pigwig charged through a baby gate in the house and Margaret had to replace it with a stable door to contain the outsized swine.

Mrs Smith has even set up a Facebook group called ‘the truth about minipigs’ which has almost 150 members who have had similar experiences.

Members travel around the country to inspect each others’ hefty hogs.

Mrs Smith, of Ringwood, Hants, said: “Pigwig was only as big as chick when I bought him.

“But when he was about seven months old he suddenly shot up and we couldn’t even pick him up any more.

“It was ridiculous, I phoned the breeder and demanded my money back. He’s an incredibly powerful pig but it’s not his fault.

“The breeder did not tell us the truth about his size but we love Pigwig anyway, he’s a very happy and mischievous pig.”

After Mrs Smith’s complaint the breeder agreed to refund her most of the £450 she had paid for the pig.

Now she has also bought a kuene kuene pig, which are smaller than average pigs, after Pigwig became lonely.

Mrs Smith’s daughter, Emma, 26, said: “I don’t believe there was ever such a thing as a micropig, they were just called that when they were piglets and sold before they grow.

“We’ve heard about people who have one bedroom flats and buy them but then suddenly they grow and they have to get rid of them.

“It’s actually quite sad because they have been interbred to keep them smaller but then they can become ill and die.

“People have seen David Beckham and Paris Hilton with them and are falling over themselves to get hold of one – some are paying up to £1,200.”

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