Japan’s largest mobile carrier, NTT DoCoMo, is planning to release a gadget that lets you literally share your heart with a long-distance lover.

The Taion Heart is a heart-shaped, Bluetooth device that uses integrated sensors to measure your hand pressure, pulse, and temperature. It then transmits this data to your beau’s phone, which in turn submits it to his or her Taion Heart.

Here’s the kicker. Their Heart then begins to heat up, vibrate, and even shine in different colors, depending on your body information. If you’re relaxed, it glows blue. But if you just got done running a marathon and your heart is racing, it’ll rapidly change colors.

It’s a neat but rather strange and awfully corny idea. But it’s also potentially dangerous, which is why NTT DoCoMo is holding off on its release. They are currently testing it to determine if there are any potential “negative consequences.”

Regardless, the company’s main goal is to provide a device that’ll allow couples to feel closer when they sleep. I guess they expect lonely lovers to hold the heart as they sleep.

Surprisingly enough, this isn’t the only odd device for lovers to emanate from Japan. Just a few months ago university researchers created HaptiHug, an electronic vest that according to YourTango “translates affectionate words spoken online into real-time hugs.”

Indeed. Nothing quite says “I Love You” like a rusty metal vest ‘hugging’ you, let alone a heart-shaped device glowing rapidly.

(news source http://www.weirdasianews.com/2010/10/29/device-longdistance-lovers-share-hearts/)