There is a man in China who can eat live scorpions without suffering any side effects, save for the pain of getting stung now and again.

Today we meet Li Liuqun, 58, a man with a passion for scorpion. Yummy!

This self-proclaimed scorpion addict has spent the last thirty years devouring over 10,000 scorpions. According to OddityCentral, he merely picks them up—they’re still alive, mind you—and stuffs them down his mouth like a really big piece of fried chicken.

His habit began 30 years ago when, while hiking, he was stung by a scorpion. In anger, Li picked up the vile beast and devoured it. Now that’s a man who believes in revenge! Regardless, Li enjoyed the sweet and nutty taste, so he continued eating them.

Despite being stung hundreds of times, Li still stands tall and healthy. He has suffered a bit of swelling in the mouth, but I guess it’s worth the hassle for a good ol’ piece of live scorpion!

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