A Saudi man has been forced to pay a fine of SR10,000 for chatting through Facebook while he also faces a life ban on using the facility. The costly penalty was not imposed by law enforcers but by his wife.

According to Okaz newspaper, the unidentified wife in Riyadh became suspicious after noticing her husband spends a long time with his computer every day.

“She waited for him to go to the toilet, went to his computer and wrote down his e mail account…she then sent it to her friend, asking her to write to her husband and ask for his friendship,” the paper said.

“After a while, she found that her husband quickly responded to that request and entered into a chat with her friend…he had first denied but when she faced him with it, he confessed…she imposed a fine of SR10,000 on him and threatened him that she would leave him if he uses Facebook again.”

(news source http://www.emirates247.com/offbeat/this-is-life/wife-fines-husband-for-using-facebook-2010-10-09-1.301406)