According to prosecutors, Valerie Jenkins was tired of bickering and fighting with her husband, 51-year-old Robert Jenkins. So when he told her he wanted to die, she asked him if he wanted his pistol.

Yes, he replied. Investigators say Jenkins retrieved the gun, returned to the room and then tossed the gun onto the couch beside her husband. A moment later, Robert Jenkins raised the gun to his head and fired the fatal shot that claimed his life. Valerie Jenkins reportedly called 911, telling police dispatchers that while her husband had threatened to use the gun in the past, “he had never actually asked her for it while they were arguing.” While the suicide occurred in May of 2009, Prosecutors have now decided to pursue charges in the case, alleging that Valerie Jenkins “engaged in a course of conduct that was gross and flagrant, showing reckless disregard for human life’ by giving a gun to an intoxicated person threatening suicide.” The deceased man’s blood alcohol level was found to be .14 by the coroner. Valerie Jenkins defense attorney has denied the charges, claiming that Robert Jenkins abused his client emotionally and physically. Valerie Jenkins is due back in court November 15 th . A trial on the case is expected to take place later this year.

(news source Lacy Black,The Weekly Vice)