A young woman in India was forced into a marriage she didn’t agree with by her parents, so she followed what she felt to be the only logical course of action: she got a sex change.

The woman, who is in her mid-thirties and a lawyer, was quoted as saying, “It is better to become a man to get rid of sufferings met by women.” This simple yet powerful declaration clearly calls to mind the tradition of arranged marriages in Indian tradition, a sad fact of life for the many, many women that live in India. Despite this, India has an incredibly low rate of divorce, with less than 2% of all marriages, arranged or otherwise, ending in divorce. Compare that to America’s, where roughly half of all marriages come to an end, typically with her getting the dog she hates.

According to the Times of India, surgeons were compelled to perform the operation after she threatened to commit suicide. According to an unnamed source, however, it is believed the woman had the surgery, which was performed on June 29th, not just to escape a forced marriage, but because she was seemingly committed to spending the rest of her life another woman.

(news source http://www.weirdasianews.com/2010/09/01/forced-marriage-problem-change-sex/)