An Indian day laborer from Andhra Pradesh, India, was busted for trying to auction his six-year-old daughter for liquor money.

Krishnaiah, 40, is a drunk with a penchant for cheap liquor. It’s a bad habit for which he’s incurred quite a heavy debt with local liquor-shop owners. So much so, in fact, that local dealers refused to sell him anymore, which in turn inspired him to travel down the street and put his prepubescent daughter up for sale at an open auction.

He managed to find a local pedophile willing to pay 1,000 Rupees (or $21.44) for the poor lass. Thankfully, news of the horrific ordeal quickly spread, prompting the spineless purchaser to abandon Krishnaiah’s daughter at a street corner. Police later found her. As for the pervert, he fled the scene and hasn’t been seen since.

Krishnaiah, on the other hand, was immediately apprehended by police and then given a beat-down that would likely make Mike Tyson cower in fear. Though corporal punishment is a questionable repercussion—no matter what the crime—it can be reasoned that the the drunken fool will think twice about ever trying to pull off such a pathetic scheme.

Unfortunately, there is no word as to whether he will be reunited with his daughter, or whether she’ll be shipped off to a foster home. For the moment he lies in jail, contemplating his poor decision.

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