A woman from Essex has eaten nothing but crisps for the last 10 years.

Hotel chambermaid Debbie Taylor has only eaten beef-flavoured Monster Munch for the past two years, and only ate Walkers crisps for the eight years before that.

“I know it must seem strange but it works for me,” she told The Mirror.

“When I have tried to eat something else my body isn’t used to it and I simply can’t eat or, if I do, it makes me sick.

“It’s not hurting anyone else and my heart hasn’t stopped yet, so until it causes me serious problems I’ll happily go on eating my favourite crisps.”

The 30-year-old, who has a boyfriend named Gerald and a son called Luke, said that she brings bags of crisps to restaurants and on holiday.

She said: “Gerald and my family have tried everything to get me to eat other food but I’m so used to crisps now there is no way I could tuck into a pizza or fish and chips.”

Up until last year, beef-flavoured Monster Munch was only available in variety multi-packs, so Taylor was forced to throw all the other flavours away.

“People do look at us funny when I put so much Monster Munch into my trolley”, she added. “We usually add some sweets and Coke in that trolley for Luke – sometimes the cashiers ask if we’re having a party!”

(news source: http://www.aroundglobe.net/2010/07/woman-eats-nothing-but-crisps-for-10.html)